Bin Wash Service

Columbus provide a professional bin washing service throughout the Central Scotland area.


Our company currently wash thousands of wheelie bins every year for both domestic and commercial customers. Our service is designed to offer a low cost and regular solution to the problem of unhygienic waste containers by washing, disinfecting and deodorising them using specialist bin cleaning equipment & approved eco-friendly chemicals.

Our operatives have received full training and will wash your bins to the highest industry standards. We use bespoke bin washing equipment designed and built by industry leading engineers which recycles the water used in the cleaning process.


We only use biodegradable chemicals making our system as environmentally friendly as possible no waste is spilled and is fully contained and recycled within our machine. 

Prices start from £5 for a domestic wheelie bin and £10 for a large commercial bin.

We offer our fully licensed bin cleaning solutions to the health care, education, leisure, retail, industrial & FM sectors across the Centre of Scotland. Our specialist company manufactured bin washing equipment is rigorously tested for suitability and capable of cleaning all specification wheelie bins ranging from 120 litre domestic bins to 1280 litre commercial bins complying with all Environment Agency & Local Water Company guidelines.