Columbus are now specialist install partners with Waterguard Services Limited, the leading manufacturer of water leak detection and prevention equipment.

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Water leak detection and prevention

When a leak happens, it has the potential to cause an enormous amount of damage so it needs to be stopped quickly. But stopping the water supply can be difficult, especially if a building is unoccupied, where undetected leaks can cause irreparable damage. 

With winters becoming more extreme and water leaks from burst pipes more common, home owners, commercial property managers, building service engineers and caretakers are turning to the Waterguard range of water leak detection equipment to protect against water leak damage.

All types of property

Protect any type of domestic, commercial, industrial or public building and its contents from the damage caused by a major water leak or burst in the delivery system.

Insurance benefits

The cost of fitting a Waterguard water leak prevention system is often less than the excess to be paid before your insurer pays out. With many insurers insisting on water leak prevention in order to fully provide home owners and contents insurance and others offering lower excess premiums, it is financially advantageous at this time to compare home insurance asking your insurance provider about water leak detection today.

Local solution

CFM is the only approved installation and maintenance provider for Waterguard systems in Scotland. With extensive experience of the Waterguard range, CFM is well placed to offer this innovative solution to domestic, commercial, industrial and public property owners and occupiers alike.